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FTC Disclosure: This IS a sponsored post. I was provided with a sample of Yiva Naturals Pollen-X Allergy Relief as compensation for sharing my thoughts. All views and opinions with regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting. Yiva will also be providing the gift for the winner of this giveaway.

Yiva, Yiva Naturals

When it comes to your health there are many options. Some people prefer to take the medical approach, while others look to natural remedies first. Since I already deal with a lot of medical issues and have to take medications when I need to take additional things for stuff like sleeping or allergies, I look to alternative sources, such as natural. It’s a personal choice that we make.

What is Yiva Naturals?

YIVA Naturals is proud to offer alternative solutions to traditional medicine. Their products are 100% natural and completely safe. Men and Women alike have benefitted from our all-natural supplements. They offer a line of products that work for a variety of common ailments. Yiva Naturals currently sells a Melatonin formula, Pollen-X Allergy, Fertility Boost and a Daily Balance Formula. All of the products can be purchased as a single bottle or in a multiple pack.

A Natural Approach For Allergies

For my husband it was a no brainer. He’s suffered from allergies for years. He’s tried a number of different things. Some work, some didn’t. He’s been happily using the Yiva Pollen-X Allergy and it’s working. He is breathing easier. Typically when he cuts the lawn he will get so stuffed up that he literally cannot breath through his nose. Yiva Pollen-X Allergy has helped that in a HUGE way.

Pollen-X, an all-natural product, helps your body learn to handle Tree and Flower Pollen, rather than allowing your immune system overreact to the “invader,” or allergen (which causes the sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes and congestion, which comes with an allergy attack).  Our proprietary formula teaches your body to recognize the allergen and then react without overreacting.  Pollen-X does all this, without all the side affects of a pharmaceutical.

My husband has a good control on his allergies right now. He is not bothered by them with his day to day activity. It is as easy as a few drops under his tongue and he is good to go and symptom free.

Yiva, Yiva Naturals

Yiva Naturals Fertility Boost and Daily Balance are two products designed for women. They offer many benefits to help regulate things to be balanced and take away that “time of the month” drag that we can relate to. It will also help women who moved into menopause and also need help balancing that within their bodies.

Where Can You Buy Yiva Naturals?

Yiva Naturals can be purchased directly through them on their website. Many of the products come with free shipping. Should you find yourself making a Yiva purchase, please use code YIVATODAY20 and save 20% on your order! Who doesn’t love a savings!!

Win It!

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