Vacation Bound

Vacation. I am not really sure as a mother I know what the word vacation means, but I am doing the best I can to attempt one right now. We have packed up the kids (and my mother) and are headed to South Carolina to visit with our family. While we are there we will sneak off and peek at a few attractions.

We left the house 3 hours ago to start our journey. We arrived in Milwaukee, where we are spending the night before leaving bright and early. We will arrive at the airport around 4:40am and will take off at about 6:30am. We have a LONG day of travel as we don’t actually reach our destination in South Carolina until 2:30pm. I will never understand airlines and the need to route you up and around, but alas, that’s what is happening. Typically with a disability I welcome a layover. I like the time to unwind, get out of a seat that is too small for the smallest human and be able to walk. I am a people watcher, so I spend some time doing that. I like to eat, use the restroom and not feel like I am running a marathon between my tasks. A 4 hour layover is a little more then I like. I have to keep in mind that I am traveling with the 2 children. Although my husband and my mom are with to assist, having the kids is going to mean that I need to alter my usual travel pattern and plan. They have NEVER flown before. Yup, that’s right.. they are 9 and 12 and taking their very first plane ride. I am hoping that we will get through the entire process without much delay and without a meltdown, but I’ve prepared for it and I have items in my secret “mom stash” to award behaviors through the check points, baggage claim, boarding and un-boarding. I think I have a plan all under control. I think it will work out great and I hope the tips I’ve followed from my fellow moms are the tips that will make the vacation a success.

We’ve loaded up the electronics with movies for everyone, although I much prefer a nap over a movie, and I hope the movies will be the entertainment of the flight for the kids. I truly think they will do great, but the mom anxiety in me keeps thinking “what if”. I know I need to stop that and I need to know that things CAN and WILL go as planned and if they don’t, so be it, we rewrite the plan! I look forward the the quality time with my family and the vacation.. whatever the altered definition of that word is.

Here’s to vacation! A full 7 days of fun and sun on the beach and away from home! Vacation CAN be success!


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  1. August 5, 2013 at 3:29 am

    We do Disney with the kids every year (going for our 5th time in October) and we brought them to San Diego in April & the kids do so well. They are seasoned air travelers at their young age & are actually really well behaved. But of course I make sure their DS’s are charged and I have lots of other games, books and activities to bring with us.

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