Top Apps And Games For Your Next Family Road Trip

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RoadTripHeaderFamilies have been taking road trips ever since the invention of the automobile. Today traveling by car is easier than ever… from finding motels, selecting restaurants, playing videos, to sightseeing. Whether you’re behind the wheel, or taking a break and playing some casinoeuro mobile games, the latest apps provide many wonderful options… perfect for drivers, adult passengers, teens, and children.

Get Ready to TripIt:

This helpful app streamlines travel plans before and during your vacation. Partnering with Google, the TripIt App allows you to organize every aspect of your trip… for free! Coordinate e-mail confirmations and itineraries using your iPhone, wherever you and your family choose to go.

Your own GasBuddy:

Fuel prices for a trip from San Francisco to Chicago will cost a few hundred dollars. However, it’s possible to save a least a couple hundred with the GasBuddy App available for Android and Apple devices. Searching for lower prices requires a simple search… a benefit that not only saves money but cuts down on frustration.

Spotify – Your Travel Jukebox:

Add some music to your travels with an infinite collection of favorites. Create and merge playlists before you leave or while on the road. Available for iPod, iPhone, and Android, Spotify has tunes for every member of the family, providing hours of listening pleasure.

Navigate Roadside America with Ease:

Navigating across country is easier than ever. Roadside America makes sightseeing a breeze; your family can stop along the way at any number of unusual and interesting places.  This cool iPhone app is simple to use and provides maps, information, and directions to almost 10,000 unique regional destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

Negotiate with Priceline:

Find excellent deals, negotiate costs, and make reservations for accommodations across the country. Booking reservations in advance is not always necessary with the help of this great navigational app. Filter, view, and check out conditions before selecting the right hotel.

State Plate Bingo: 

Family members age six and up will enjoy hours of fun playing State Plate Bingo, and the app costs less than two dollars. Available on iPhone, the entire family will be searching for Alaskan and Hawaiian plates… to see who will be the first to locate all fifty plates!

Geography Drive USA App:  

Your children are in for a creative and educational experience with Geography Drive USA. Children aged eight and up will spend hours navigating and learning about the states while accumulating bonuses.

Audible Book App: 

Audio books are a wonderful way to enrich a car trip. Children, teens, and adults will welcome any number of classic novels and travel favorites like John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley,” and “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, by Robert M. Pirsig.

While that family road trip is bound to include a spilt drink or two, some emergency stops, and a few bug bites… family travel is what warm weather is all about. Pack up the gear, put on your sun-glasses, and get ready to sit back and enjoy these top apps and games!


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  1. May 14, 2014 at 4:55 am

    Glad, I found your blog you have shared the useful apps and games that can be great way to survive on the road. I am going to use some of these apps for my coming mini- road trip. Thanks for sharing!

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