The Beatrix Girls: Pop Stars That Rock!

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Beatrix Girls

Meet The Beatrix Girls. In August I was introduced to this line of Pop Star dolls that I immediately fell in love with. As a mother with a tween daughter and a god mother to a 5 year old, the idea of a pop star band of girls was a really neat idea. The band is complete with a lead singer, a drummer, a bass-player, and a keyboardist. And they are girls. My tween is a drummer. Drummers do not need to be boys, nor do band members. While my tween is a little past the doll stage, she did see the doll and we talked about it, looked it up online and listened to the music. Ideally for me, this doll was going to my God Daughter who I knew would love it.

Before I gave this to my God Daughter I wanted to have her mom take a look at the web site, the music, the dolls and the message. For me (and many other parents) it is important that you have an idea of what type of message something is sending. While the pop type music is catchy to many younger kids, it’s not always appropriate. This is where Beatrix Girls are different.

Brayden, The Beatrix Girls Lead GuitaristAbout The Beatrix Girls

The Beatrix Girls is a line of collectible dolls. They’re musicians, they’re dolls, they’re role models for a new generation of empowered young girls, with great clothes, fabulous hair, and original pop music developed by platinum-winning songwriters and producers. The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band with real music that young girls are sure to adore. Each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs. They’ve achieved the pop star success that young girls dream of and they’ve done it through talent, tenacity and old-fashioned hard work.

We decided to check out Brayden, The Beatrix Girls Lead Guitarist. She looked super cute and super fun. If you check out Brayden on the Beatrix Girls website you will see that they are built to be real. Built to be relatable. Learn all of her favorite things which include: California Sushi rolls, Latte-flavored candies, Heart-shaped notebooks (for writing songs), Kooky bright-colored sunglasses in the shape of stars, hearts, squares and triangles. Hear her sing her song Doin My Thing.

Why Kids Will Love Them

It’s a fabulous fantasy for any young girl. Dolls that are talented, empowered, successful – with loyal friends and adoring fans. Beatrix Girls, Pop Star Dolls, Beatrix Girls DollThese dolls are having a ball, yet they are still young, fresh and relatable to young girls. Kids can collect their music, join their fan club and more.

Why Moms Will Love Them

Moms are sick of dolls that are just about hair ornaments and handbags. But they’re also wary of pop star self-indulgence and bad behavior. These dolls are like none of the above. Yes, they’re rock stars, but none of that success has gone to their heads. Instead, they teach girls about the values of empowerment, friendship, hard work and determination. What mom wouldn’t gravitate to a doll that teaches her daughter about having big dreams, reaching for success and believing in herself? I personally can look at the dolls in comparison to the other 12″ dolls that are marketed in a similar way and see a difference. These dolls are the same price (some cheaper) as the other dolls, but come with a MUCH better message.

Who Are The Beatrix Girls?

As we mentioned, the Beatrix Girls are an innovative new line of collectible pop-star dolls driven by original music. The Beatrix Girls band members Brayden, Ainsley, Lark and Chantal live and interact in the human world—producing real music, real hits, and real fans. There is:

  • Brayden is the song writer and guitarist for the band. With her gorgeous purple flowing hair, she is willful, driven, ambitious, sharp-as-a-tack and sweet, considerate and socially conscious.
  • Ainsley is the willowy charming blonde drummer. She is spunky, charming, and possesses and touch of pouty haughtiness.
  • Lark is the bass-playing redhead with hot Irish blood. She has a beautiful shock of red hair that covers one of her eyes and a piercing sense of humor that punctures many pompous balloons.
  • Chantal is the keyboardist. She comes from Montreal. With her thick Canadian/French accent, Chantal is the gentle, logical, level headed member of The Beatrix Girls.

Where Can You Buy The Beatrix Girls?

Just in time for Christmas, pick up The Beatrix Girls for the little girl on your list this year! Lark, AinsleyBrayden and Chantal are all available on Amazon with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. You can also purchase them from Toys R Us beginning October 14th. They are just $24.99 (recommended for ages 5+). The Beatrix Girls music is NOW on iTunes and Amazon!

Win It!

One lucky Think Talk Blog reader is going to get their very own 12″ Beatrix Girls Doll (your choice of doll as long as it is in stock). Contest ends on November 12th. Open to US residents only, 18+ Ready to win? Enter below with Rafflecopter:

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3 Responses to “The Beatrix Girls: Pop Stars That Rock!”

  1. October 30, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Seriously, I’m in love with the concept of these dolls. And the music is not only appropriate for kids, but I can totally deal with listening to it. LOL Add an item to the Christmas list!

    • Bobbie
      October 30, 2013 at 10:19 am

      I agree. I think the music is great for kids and it doesn’t make me want to pierce my ear drums!

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