Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket
This summer I wanted to nip those “I’m bored”s in the rear. I wanted to  make sure there were things to do that I could do on a whim with the kids or things they could do on a whim. Of course I was looking for no or low costing options. I wanted to be able to get the most out of our summer. We went ahead and created a bucket list of things in our area that are free or low cost. Each day that we don’t have plans we have been working on our list and trying to get the list from 60 items to zero. The idea is to finish up with 60 items before summer kicks the bucket. Of course we are still waiting for summer to start here. We have one or two warm days and then we are back to cool temperatures that make most of our list impossible to do.

In two weeks we will be headed out on a road trip to visit our favorite vacation spot Myrtle Beach as well as visit family. We will be driving across seven states with the four of us and luggage. Once we get to our vacation destination we are sure to start crossing things off our bucket list. For those of you with warm water and a summer you can enjoy, check out this simple and easy summer bucket list. It’s in PDF form (just click on the image) so you can download it and print a copy should you decide to!

Summer Bucket List



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