Spring Break 2017

Spring Break, Spring Break 2017

Spring Break

We are just one day away from Spring Break. Tomorrow is Friday and its the end of the week. It officially starts Spring Break for my kiddos and I. Sadly hubby still has to work this weekend and next weekend and has some obligations throughout the week. Since my son has has some troubles with his grades this semester and last, I spoke to hubby and he said “Go ahead and make it a girls trip!”. So my daughter and I are headed to South Carolina to see our family and to do some bumming around and even make an impromptu visit to the beach. We need to get out of the Midwest and this 30° temperature and get to some warmer weather. South Carolina here we come. We are driving. My daughter drives so the drive really shouldn’t be that bad. We can switch off and I can nap while she drives and she can nap while I drive so we should make good time. We are staying with family (would we really have it any other way) so it will be a good time. I’m looking forward to soaking up the vitamin D (sunshine) and enjoying laughs with my family along the way. I know Mariah will miss her boyfriend the most, but we will have access to WiFi so there will be plenty of time to FaceTime and call him! This will be the longest they have went without seeing each other. It will be a cute reunion once she returns, that’s for sure. I will miss my hubby and the pups. I will miss my son, but with all his shenanigans lately he’s really had me on edge and I am in need of a “mommy time out” so this really will do me some good. 

I REALLY need some time with my family so I think this will be good for me. We’ve never really been into Spring Break. We’ve always kind of stayed home and let the kids hang out with their friends and do whatever, but this year Mariah really wanted to do something and well who can blame her.. I wanted to also!! I am so over this weather. I feel like winter is never going to end, I feel like I need a “mommy time out” with everything with my son, I felt like this was a great time to hit “reset” and come back with a fresh outlook. The timing worked that my Father-in-law was able to come and help my husband out with the house (dogs and my son) so with everything falling into place it really seemed like a no brainer. All that is left to do now is a last load of laundry (jeans we are taking with), last minute things to throw in the suitcases, load up the car (it’s already gassed up, oil changed, tires checked and all that jazz) and hit the road. Hopefully we will leave tomorrow night between 9-11:30pm. We should pull up at my families house Saturday afternoon. I’m so excited. I need this vacation!!

Road Trip, Spring Break, Spring Break 2017

Anyone else have Spring Break plans? What will you be doing? Are you going alone; or as a family? Would you consider going alone? Is Spring Break all about the relaxation or is it more stressful for you knowing you come back to a larger workload? 

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