Organization 101: Clear That Clutter

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Most people who know me and have seen my house would say that I have a minor issue with OCD. While I will not deny that, I have to say, it started with not being able to find things. There are so many times I am on a phone call and need information off “that one sheet” or when I need a Sharpie and all there are is pens. Every container in my house is labeled. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. My organization truly is fueled by my desire to be able to find things. I am going to share my favorite organization tips. I repurpose a lot of things. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about how great of an idea that it is. I’ve also fallen in love with the dollar store for smaller projects. Whatever project you have to tackle, start small and move into the bigger things. Here’s a few of my favorite tips:

  • Problem: Costume Jewelry
  • Solution: I have a good jewelry box for my real and expensive jewelry, but they are pricey and I wanted a simple solution for the fun pieces that I have and that I want to keep organized. Cork boards have become my go to method. Grab a few, hang them nicely on the wall and use push pins as hooks. If you want to be even more decorative you can use an empty frame and put some screen mesh in it. Earrings will hang very nicely. Ice cube trays also work good for smaller pieces, buttons, or extra earring backs and can be tucked in a drawer and even stacked.
  • Problem: No Closet
  • Solution: Use a tension rod in a small space to create a closet that is practical and useful.
  • Problem: Cluttered Bathroom Countertops
  • Solution: Usually there are very little to no organizers that work for bathrooms. What I am using is actually an unfinished wooden crate that I found at a local dollar store. I covered it in some spray paint and once it was dry I took sandpaper to it. It gave it an old weathered look which fit perfect with my beach themed bathroom decor.
  • Problem: No purse/beach bag/reusable shopping bag storage
  • Solution: Head to the hardware store and pick up some S hooks. They hang nicely in any closet and can hold your purses, bags and much more (like belts, neck scarves and ties!).
  • Problem: Junk Drawer Organization
  • Solution: Use tuna cans to line the drawer with some nice little organizing bowls that keep everything nice and seperated. Keys, key rings, paper clips, staples, rubber bands and more can be easily stored and easily accessed.
  • Problem: All those cords!
  • Solution: Start saving your toilet paper rolls! Find a box and line it with toliet paper rolls. Wrap each cord neatly and put them in a roll. This keeps all the cords together, untangled and easily accessible!
  • Problem: Under the sink cleaning solution nightmare.
  • Solution: Get an over the door shoe organizer and put one solution in each pocket. This works wonderful for easily seeing what you have and what you need. Just remember, you lock your cupboard under the sink, put a child safety lock on the door of the closet you decide to use!
  • Problem: Too many heels (can this really be a problem?)
  • Solution: Find crown molding at your local hardware store that has been discounted due to knicks, scratches or otherwise. Cut the pieces evenly and staple to the inside of your closet door. Instantly you have a nice high heel shoe rack!

These are just some of the solutions and tricks I’ve used around my house. I could probably go on for days and days about all the little things I have repurposed. Repurposing seems to be a very entertaining thing for me. I LOVE to see what I can do with something. Ideas and possibilities are endless. There are so many things in our life that we need organized. I tend to do the small projects like closets, cords, mail, etc first. It seems that when you clean up your storage space you have more room for things that are laying out that you don’t want out. Cleaning up drawers and closets first has always helped me when I am doing larger spaces.

Now I am to the point of needing to get a much better system in my garage and in my basement. I should start with shelves, but I can’t seem to make a decision. I think a large part of this has to do with the fact that I live in Wisconsin. We have 4 seasons. I am always switching out bikes and rakes for shovels and snowblowers. We also have 2 children, so we celebrate all the holidays. I put away decorations for one and out comes the decorations for another. While I have everything in labeled bins and boxes, it still seems that these spaces need help. Apparently I am only crafty when it comes to organizing small spaces..


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  1. November 3, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Definitely going to use the S hooks idea! Right now my bags are all thrown in the bottom of my closet and I forget to even take them back to the store with me. Oh….maybe I should just leave them in the van? Hmmm…..

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