Orbit Fracture Surgery.. The Last One?!

SurgeryOkay I am going to start this post by saying that at this point, I am still NOT sharing the actual surgery photos. They are gross, I know people have faint hearts and I think the words and the moral of the story is more important then the actual photos will be. I may at some point decide to share them, but at this point I am not ready and this is a time process and healing thing for not only me, but my family. We aren’t pushing things at this point. One step at a time.

Having said that.. I am going to update you on my progress from my January car accident and also this last (and hopefully final) surgery. After the nightmare with Aurora and their orthopedic surgeon, I really felt like I was going to be left with a body that was “half correct”. I mean if I had to deal with another surgeon that was that awful to me I am not sure how I would have mustered the courage to go through more surgery. And actually, the best thing that could have happened DID happen. The Aurora eye doctor, Dr Mark Duffy, refused to do this eye surgery. This left me looking for options on a surgery I knew was risky, but also what I felt was required. I will say this, any further trauma to the eye would have likely caused me permanent blindness. However, the surgery was NOT without risk. If they hit the optic nerve that same blindness would happen. I decided since I am young and this is something I would have to deal with for quite a while, it was probably in my best interest to look into my options. One of the most amazing doctors walked into my case at that point. Dr Gerald Harris from Froedtert Eye Institute was my attending doctor. From my first appointment with him I knew he was the doctor for the job. You just get that gut feeling sometimes, this was one of them. Dr harris is probably one of the most compassionate doctors that I have ever met. He called me at home the day before surgery.. not him nurse, not his office, HIM. He then called me at the hospital later that night (well after office hours). He also seen me to discharge me yesterday. And he just called a little while ago to check in. HIM. Not a nurse, not a staff member, HIM. He was amazing.

Basically, the surgery that Dr Harris preformed was risky for many reasons. The eye socket (orbit) was fractured extensively. He had to go in and repair, move around muscle, scar tissue, clean things up, all while trying to avoid hitting the optic nerve (which would cause blindness) and all while trying to maintain the 20/20 vision and without me having double vision, which was a HUGE risk. And he did so with much success!! The surgery was about 4 hours. This surgery would have been MUCH easier has they repaired it closer to the date of injury without  the long wait, which allowed the fractured pieces to roam around and attach where they landed and thus make a mess that had to be cleaned up. Again, it was all very risky. I spent the night in the hospital with a drain in my eye. I was released to come home yesterday and basically take recovery one step at a time. I can’t do any bending, lifting, stooping, crouching, etc. The reason for this is because of the extensive damage there wasn’t a lot to attach the plates and the implant to. So what we have is pretty loose and once the muscle and what not “grabs” on, that will hold it in place. No pressure on my sinuses or face, so no blowing my nose, no chocolate shake I was desperately craving in addition to the stooping, crouching, bending, etc. I am going to get through it. It’s pretty swollen, which is expected. The eye is opening on it’s own now (not all the way due to swelling, but enough to see). I watched some TV last night. I am going to attempt to scrapbook some now. I don’t want to do too much blogging or reading because I don’t want to strain the eye.

Less then 24 hours after the surgery I was set to go home. The doctor, as well as the hospital keep asking about my pain, which truthfully, is pretty minimal. I feel like I have a black eye, but I don’t feel like I need to medicate it. It’s swollen, so that part hurts some, but I asked quickly to be taken off the Percocet and put on the Vicodin, which is what I use for my Fibro and Pompe’s pain at home. I hate taking more then I need and I think Dr Harris understood that. He was surprised when he called this morning and I told him that I hadn’t take any medicine with the exception of last nights bedtime dose. I needed and wanted to sleep good. In the hospital they had me up for vitals and this and that, so I slept really sound last night which was good. I needed that! Upon leaving the hospital I tested negative for double vision and my vision score itself was 20/20! This was the BEST CASE SCENARIO! I want to thank each and every one of you! I know that the power of prayers made this possible. I went in thinking I would come out blind. I prepared myself for that so I wouldn’t feel a complete and udder scattered world when my hopes were higher then reality. My job now is to rest, not to strain, stoop, crouch, bend, lift, etc.

I have an amazing family that has stepped up and has made things possible for me to get the treatment I needed and to focus on my recovery through this all. People say I am a walking miracle, but I don’t believe that. I DO believe that the power of your family, the help you get, the prayers and the support have made the difference. There have been days that I couldn’t even get out of bed because of depression, pain, etc.. yet my family and friends were there.. every text, email, comment, facebook post, tweets, all of it. I never had to ask, they just knew! Thank you ALL! You made this journey and recovery possible.. YOU! Each one of YOU!

P.S. – Buckle up people! Seat belts save lives!


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