My Post VMA Thoughts

Like many people, I tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards last night. In the past it’s truly been something I have loved to watch. I love watching the new artists as they climb to the top. I love the red carpet glam looks. I love the music and the surprises. This year I had a much different outlook as I watched the 2nd act of the night, which lead me so awestruck I had NO words. I know I wasn’t alone in this because as I took to Twitter to read the feedback and interact, I found a lot of people with the exact same feelings I had.

First, Lady GaGa has got to be the STRANGEST thing I have ever seen. I am not one to hate on people, but I will never understand what is with the funky costumes and the odd looks that she entertains. I can’t understand it. Her music, in my opinion, is okay, but no better then other artists. So do people just like her because she wears meat outfits and looks crazy in platform shoes?

Then we get to Miley Cyrus. This is probably my single biggest disappointment. She truly had SO much going for her. She started young, on Disney, like several other artists (Hello Britney, Justin and Christina). She was given so much advantage because  Billy Ray is her father and he was well known and established within the music industry. She had everything laid out for a successful career. As I watched last night I couldn’t help but think that she really truly fell off the end of the earth and she needed some serious help. I’d never seen the whole “Twerking” thing and to be honest it wasn’t something I felt the need to hunt down or watch. I figured it was some new pop dance move and since I would break a hip if I tried any of these new so called dances, it didn’t inspire me to seek it out. Little did I know that I would see a whole lot of that and more at the LIVE VMAs last night. I watched in complete awe as this conservative BEAUTIFUL girl that was Hannah Montana transformed into this very NOT conservative girl Miley Cyrus. It’s hard to believe that they are the same person. It truly is. She was a beautiful soul. Last night just blew my mind. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t ashamed for her. If I was Billy Ray and/or Tish, I can tell you what.. over 18 or not, that child would have issued a public apology today! The nasty dirty dancing that was shown last night was truly a horror. She grabbed herself more times then Michael Jackson had in the history of his career!! Her publicist should be fired, right along with her manager. It made me even more disgusted when I woke up and read this tweet from Billy Ray:

So we just tweet in support of your daughter baring her body to next to nothing and sticking her tongue out like a KISS band member, all while sexual and provocatively dancing as millions watch in horror, some of which were KIDS and FANS of her as Hannah Montana?! And if we didn’t like it, it was hate?! I am so throughly confused by it. I really am. Nothing about what she did was okay. Nothing about what she did was appropriate. Nothing about what she did should have been aired on LIVE TV, MTV at that. So while Miley made a bad choice, as did her team, shame on MTV for allowing it! It was the most tasteless thing I have seen on prime time TV in a VERY long time. Now I know I am going to get a ton of people that will say she couldn’t be Hannah Montana forever. I agree with that and I was proud of her for branching out and being herself, Miley. But last night? Too far.. way too far!! You cannot take that back. It turned off so many people!

I’m going to follow the whole nasty Miley saga up with Kayne West. His performance was umm.. anything BUT the best. Of course within moments of his set Kim Kardashian sent out a tweet saying it was the best:

My husband is a fan of the genre of music where I am not really, He made me aware that the album that dropped around North West’s birth had pretty much flopped. It was no where near as successful as his past albums were. I am not sure that North’s birth or Kim had anothing to do with this. That auto-tuner? That auto-tuner had EVERYTHING to do with it! Kayne lose the auto-tuner!! I couldn’t undstand any of the words and it sounded like nothing but a bunch of static! Again, that was also a Twitter concensis. I came to the conclusion that music these days is not like the music I loved. Music is so much less of an art and so much more of a “who can do it better” which is sad. Music is about the art of it all! 

Did anyone catch the Beats by Dre commerical that was really a small clip for Eminem and his new CD? MMLP2 is due to hit shelves on November 5, 2013! I know this was news so many were looking forward too and I founf it funny that they snuck it in a commerical, which anyone who DVR’ed the VMAs probably skipped through and missed.. although I must admit, it was cleaver marketing and we even got to hear a 15 second clip of one of the tracks! GO EMINEM!!

And with that, let’s move right into Justin Timberlake’s VMA performance. I don’t think that I need to go in to much detail when it comes to Justin’s performance. He blew the roof off the place. He was well dressed, his music and dance wasn’t suggestive and all about sex. He had a few references, but I didn’t feel half as bad with my preteen watching him as I did the Miley performance, which she WANTED to see. I however, removed her from the room until the Miley train wreck was over. I was okay with the JT performance and I think a lot of people were glad to see his performace after everything else thart sucked so much! Justin is a TRUE musician and preformer. I personally LOVED the little NSYNC reunion and the dedication of his moon man to them. What a class act!

So.. what did you think of the 2013 VMAs? Will you tune in again next year? Are you happy with this years performances? Do you think MTV is getting to be over the top? Anything that stuck out to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Sound off below!


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