My Fifth Grader Is Being Bullied

Stop Bullying Please note: This post contains some mild language. This week was very trying for my family. I’ve been battling some more medical fights and trying to get better and recover from that. In the meantime I had a strong parenting situation that I needed to put first and foremost on my agenda. Of course, when it comes to my kids, it’s generally always first. For the last few weeks my son has come home and told me that there was punching and kicking on the bus. Truthfully he’s 10. I figured this was just hyper boys on the bus and it was no big deal. That was until the other day when I listened closer and asked questions. In the meantime school had called me and told me that my son was holding his private parts (through clothing, no activity, just cupping). That’s not something my son does so it really alerted me that something wasn’t right.

So that day when he got home I sat him down to talk. I asked him why he did this because he’s never done it before. He informs me that he is getting “kicked in the nuts” and punched in the stomach. Okay, now I know why he was cupping himself and while I get inappropriate behavior, this is a completely different story. We talk more and I find out this is a 7th grade girl whom is attacking my son. I spoke in lengths with the principal of the school. This cannot go on!! Once I learned about everything that was going on and all the details I was on a mission. No one was going to hurt my son any longer! After speaking with school the girl admitted that she was taunting and hurting my son on purpose. That made me even more upset. The girl was reprimanded at school and they was a meeting with her parents. She was given an assigned seat in the bus, but continued calling my son names like faggot, idiot, loser, etc. I made school aware that despite the changes she was still trying to attack my son! She’s no longer allowed to ride the bus. Thankfully other students that witnessed it not only spoke up, but other victims did also. It makes me sad that I didn’t ask questions and take charge of this sooner. I hope the bully is not doing it as a way. To lash back because of a situation at home or otherwise.

Earlier this week a local 14 year old beautiful girl ended her life because of bullying. That hits home because my oldest is 13. I can’t imagine what those parents and family is/are going through. Parents we need to ask more questions. If your child is saying they are getting hit or what not, don’t assume it’s horseplay, ask detailed questions, get answers, do not allow your child to be a victim. Also talk to your children about WHY bullying is not okay and what the consequences are. Children are dying, committing suicide, because of the hurtful words and actions of other children! This is just not okay. It has to stop. Speak up! We can end this together!


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