It’s Over.. It’s Finally Over.. Bittersweet Blessings

blessingsMany of you have walked with me through the last year of my life. To be completely accurate it would be 1 year 2 months and 4 days 3 1/2 hours. If your not sure what I am referring to, I’m referencing to my accident. It’s been completely a fight and struggle. I’ve poured my heart and sole in to my treatment. As a result I neglected other things, like my blog, my friendships and my other health issues (my muscle disease). I really haven’t had the energy. I’ve spent so much time on healing. While my major milestone happened over summer when the orthopedic surgeon released me, I still had under the radar things to deal with like dental work. Today, March 26, 2013 I close the book. I woke up this morning knowing today would be a bittersweet day. I had a lot of emotion. I woke up, I worked out, I tried to stay busy until my appointment. I knew this was THE appointment. While I’ll be back to the dentist for other things, when I walked out of their door today I finally felt whole. I felt like a huge weight was lifted, physically and emotionally. My goal was to not use any anxiety medication. I know it seems very silly and even a little ridiculous, but when you’ve been through what I have, the smallest moments of anxiety take over and I’m unable to breath properly and function. I made it! No anxiety medication!!

As I walked in the door feeling nothing short of an overflow of emotion, I waited and waited. It was my turn. I walked back and got all the usual hellos and waves. EVERY dentist there knows me and has at some point assisted in my treatment.

I took my seat. They started. He placed the veneers that had been missing for over a year. I had a temporary piece in place, so it wasn’t too noticeable, but I knew. I could tell. That’s all that mattered. I was handled a mirror. I looked. My eyes welled up with water, but I held the tears back. I couldn’t believe that my mouth was whole once again. It was emotional.

As I walked out the door I walked past every dentist and every assistant that helped along the way. It was emotional and before I hit the door I was wiping tears. I truly felt like they cared! They’d all been there for my journey and they made me smile on the way out so they could see just how wonderful it all turned out. It’s an experience not one person wants to have with their dentist, but it’s an experience that I truly feel bittersweet about. I wish it would never have been, but it did. Instead I was given more support and love then I could have imagined.

So for me.. This is bittersweet. While I may face a surgery in the future (on my ankle, to reduce pain) I am for all sakes and purposes, medically together! It’s emotional. And when I think this is all because of a stupid seatbelt, the emotion I get is sad and angry. It was preventable. Instead I wasted 1 year 2 months and 4 days 3 1/2 hours..

Think about that folks!

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