Even Fido is a Superhero This Halloween

FTC Disclosure: This IS a sponsored post. I was provided with a Halloween Costume, Toys and Treats as compensation for sharing my thoughts. All views and opinions with regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting. Petsmart will also be providing the gift for the winner of this giveaway.

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Our dog Sparky has a very unique and lovable personality. He doesn’t for a moment think that he is a dog. He believes that he should do everything that we do, including heading out to things like Trick or Treating for Halloween. He loves the long walk and he really enjoys all the attention from the kids and parents. Everyone wants to pet him and he’s never been the one to turn down ANY attention! I absolutely love dressing him up. Yes, I am that pet owner. He doesn’t mind it and regardless of what my family thinks, he looks stunning! I mean come on, look at him:

Cairn Terrier, Dog Costume, Pet Superman Costume

Sparky – Our Superman

Isn’t he the cutest! He loves his Superman costume and he will be sporting it this Halloween! PetSmart carries a HUGE selection of Halloween toys, treats and costumes for your pets. When purchasing a costume for your pet, be sure to take measurements. Our Cairn Terrier is actually pretty big. He’s very muscular and weighs in around 28 pounds. We ended up ordering him a size large and it fit well. He has other pet clothing that are small and medium that fit him as well. PetSmart has a wonderful chart on their site which will help you get the size you need!

petsmart1The costume is made well. There are 2 velcro straps, one around the neck and the other around his belly. It’s nice and open underneath so it shouldn’t cause a problem when they have to go to the bathroom. This particular costume is washer safe, with a hang dry. I always look for that when I am purchasing pet apparel. It needs to be washed from time to time.

Halloween Treats For Dogs

Sparky loves treats! He loves to sit pretty to get your attention. This is single handedly the ONLY trick he knows! He’s not big into tricks for treats because we have two kids in the house that drop enough for him to get a steady supply of treats.. so why learn a trick? Petsmart has a nice selection of treats for Halloween as well. We received some Blue Boo Bars that are all natural and baked with pumpkin and cinnamon. I love Blue Buffalo products so I am glad to see they are making seasonal treats. These treats are a HUGE favorite of Sparky. I am going to have to stock up before they are gone. He loves the pumpkin and cinnamon flavor. These Blue Boo Bars are perfect size for a treat; whether that’s for a reward, training or just because.

Blue Boo Bars - Natural Mini Dog Biscuits

Blue Boo Bars – Natural Mini Dog Biscuits

Halloween Toys For Dogs

There are a wide variety of Halloween dog toys available at PetSmart as well. We received a few different toys, all of which were a hit. All of the toys contain a squeaker in them. Sparky LOVES squeaky toys. He seriously does:

The toys are amazing! They are made pretty durable. We have not yet had a squeaker ripped out. Usually they last less then 24 hours and he has ripped them up. These toys are so far still safe and it’s been a little over a week! There is a pretty good selection of toys. I love that. There are toys of all levels for all different types of play! Whether your pet likes Gentle Play toys, fitness and fetch toys, knot & ball toys or squeaky toys, there is a nice selection to chose from.

Petsmart Halloween Toys for Dogs

Petsmart Halloween Toys for Dogs


PetSmart would like your pet to look festive this Halloween! They are offering one Think Talk Blog reader a costume of your choice (cat or dog) and a fun Halloween toy  (random chosen by them). Ready to win? Enter with Rafflecopter:

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  1. Susan
    October 6, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Is there anything cuter than fido all dressed up?

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