Did You Forget Something? It’s Summer!


Watching the news the last week has literally made me sick. It’s all over my social media feeds, it’s all over TV, it’s the topic of conversation. With those two sentences many of you already know what this post is about.. It’s summer. We are in a world were the temperatures are warm (if not HOT) and the humidity is unbearable. Now think about that for a minute. If the heat and the humidity have you unbearable, crabby, sticky, sweaty, hot.. imagine what it feels like to those that cannot talk. I’m talking about babies and pets. This last week I have heard more stories then I EVER have heard in my adult life (I am not going to age myself)!

A few weeks ago I was at Wal-mart. Before I got a chance to pull in and spot it the lady in front of me to park got a closer spot and was already on it when I got there. Clearly visible were two small children in car seats. I would guess the ages to be 6-12 months and 2 years old. Outraged, the woman dialed 911. I don’t blame her.. had I been able to park closer I would have done the same. The windows were cracked about 2-3 inches. It was between 80-80 degrees and there was NO shade, so this vehicle was in PURE sunlight. The smaller child was visibly upset and screaming. It looked as though he’d been screaming for quite a while too. The police got there is record time, thankfully. They immediately went in to the store and had them page the owner of the vehicle. Y’all are going to love this.. She comes RUNNING out of the store with THREE children. I need not mention her vehicle only sat three in the back and two in the front. Because that is just a whole other topic! What made you take in three of your five children and leave the other two behind? What made you think this was okay? I’m sorry people, but this was INTENTIONAL. This was not an “accident”. Of course we couldn’t wait around to see the entire thing unfold, but the police officer was anything but nice to the woman. We did our shopping and when we came back out, social services was there. I can’t imagine that she got off free and clear, but I can’t imagine that they did what I would have wanted.. the children removed from her possession.

summer car temperatureThat was my personal encounter with children left in a car and I truly hope it’s my ONLY encounter. The stuff I am reading and seeing in the news people are claiming to be “accidental”. I am sorry, there is NO WAY I buy that story. NONE. One of the stories that claimed to be “accidental” the lady stated “I grabbed my water and my cell phone and ran in to the store without thinking.” WHAT?! You grabbed your CELL PHONE but forgot your CHILD. Please.. someone explain to me how I am supposed to buy this as accidental. If you remembered luxuries, how can you forget your child?!

I have a hard time believing these things to be accidental. I truly do. Even when my children are NOT with me I am (by instinct) looking behind me and around me for my child in the store until it clicks I didn’t have a child with me, which is why she/he is not next to me. I often times (again when they aren’t even with me) wait for them to open their car doors and get out before I hit my remote lock. Once you become a mother, you have an instinct. And to say it’s just a mother thing isn’t fair because my husband probably has more maternal instinct then I do!! That’s not a dig at him, or myself, he’s just very cautious and a very involved father. To the father that went to work for 7 hours and left his child in the car the entire time.. REALLY?! You “forgot” to be your child to daycare. I just truly don’t buy it. An accident would have corrected it’s self quickly. You’d remember at SOME point.. surely long before it had been 7 hours. It’s so hot *I* don’t want to be in the car, which should make you double check your car that you’ve removed electronics, children, food, whatever the case maybe from your car. And I don’t know about you, but when I exit my car I ALWAYS walk towards the rear end of my car. Always.

dogs left in carsIt doesn’t end there.. Let’s talk about those pets that are left in cars. Cracking the window 2-3 inches isn’t going to help any. This doesn’t give any breeze or any relief. Yesterday while shopping my cousins seen a poor dog left in the car. They called police who called Animal Control. They responded to the scene and took the temperature of the inside of the vehicle. They commented that the temperature was higher than the “acceptable” threshold. WHAT?! Why do we have an acceptable threshold? Dogs have fur. At any given moment they are much warmer then we are because of the fur. A hot car is a hot car and leaving them to bake in the hot sun is not acceptable. The owner was given a fine. It seems to me that we’ve got work to do in this area. A fine is not acceptable for being an irresponsible pet owner. As I type this I am sitting outside, with Jordy. It’s 81 degrees out, with humidity at 63% (for a feels like 85 degrees). When we came outside to sit, I filled his water dish with fresh cold water and lots of ice cubes. I forgot my water, but none the less, I remembered his. This goes back to the above, where I can speak, I can walk and I can care for my needs. He cannot. It’s my responsibility to be a responsible owner and make sure his needs are met. 

It truly makes me SICK that this is even a topic of conversation, much less a topic of conversation that without fail will be on the news every single night. What has this world come to?


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