ALDI Reopens Green Bay Store!

Disclaimer: I was invited to view the new ALDI store before the Grand Opening to the public. However, no payment or travel accommodations was given or is expected for posting about the store, products or policies. Regardless all views and opinions with regards to the products or company are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting.

aldi logoLast week Thursday (August 29, 2013) I have the opportunity to check out the completely remodeled and renewed ALDI store here in Green Bay. It was exciting to get into the store and get a sneak peek before it opened. I headed to the Grand Opening with Mary Jo from Savin Green Mom. We walked through the store and were shown many of the changes within the store.

Aldi offers grocery shoppers a smarter alternative as a select assortment discount grocer. It is known for its premium ALDI exclusive brands. ALDI is able to offer high-quality grocery items at incredibly low prices.

How Can ALDI Offer Cheaper Prices?

Many people want to know what makes ALDI different and/or how can ALDI offer the same quality foods we buy at another grocer at a much cheaper price. Truthfully, the answer is simple. ALDI has revamped the Green Bay store here with higher ceilings, improved natural lighting and environmentally friendly building materials – such as recycled materials and energy-saving refrigeration and light bulbs – the store will offer customers a simple and easy-to-navigate shopping experience. In combination with things like the way the store is laid out (cases are opened and stacked rather then the use of shelves), carts are “rented” for a quarter (returned to you when you return the cart) and bringing your own bags (they do have bags you can purchase if you forget).



While some people (and I fully admit I was one of them) can see these things as an inconvenience it truly makes sense and it puts savings in your pocket. Because they don’t have the store shelves, they are able to stock quicker. They offer the carts the way they do which allows them to have less people outside rounding up carts and reducing costs. The same is true with the bags.. Bring your own and you can save. If the store provides those bags, you pay for it in the product as the cost is higher. We really should be using recycled or cloth bags for our shopping anyway to reduce on waste in landfills.

We are pleased to showcase the new look of ALDI with this updated store in Green Bay and continue to help customers stretch their dollars,” said Atty McGrath, Oak Creek division vice president for ALDI. “As important as price is, there’s only one way to attract and keep shoppers: You have to have quality products. When people try our ALDI exclusive brands, they are excited by the savings and impressed by the quality.

What Is Really The Savings?

ALDI challenges customers to switch from national brands to its exclusive brands and save up to 50 percent (based on price comparison of like products) on more than 1,400 items the store carries. When I was at the store they wanted to showcase this. They had a price comparison all set up. Here’s the savings I found:

White Round Tortilla Chips – $1.19 at ALDI ($3.99 at Super Target, $2.98 at Super Walmart and $3.29 at Woodman’s)
Burman’s Regular Mayonaise – $1.99 at ALDI ($3.49 at Super Target, $3.98 at Super Walmart and $3.89 at Woodman’s)
Burman’s Ketchup – $1.29 at ALDI ($2.64 at Super Target, $2.48 at Super Walmart and $2.25 at Woodman’s)
Beaumont Classic Roast Coffee – $5.49 at ALDI ($8.59 at Super Target, $7.98 at Super Walmart and $8.69 at Woodman’s)


What About ALDI Quality?

I knew this would be a question and since it was something I was skeptical about myself, I decided to check out a few of the items as well as find out what the ALDI quality guarantee is! To ensure ALDI exclusive brands meet or exceed the national brands on taste and quality, ALDI conducts rigorous testing on all products. ALDI stands behind this quality with a Double Guarantee: If for any reason a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with a food product, ALDI will gladly replace the product and refund the customer’s money. If you don’t have your receipt, it’s not a problem, bring the item in! This guarantee is not available on liquor or beer (per state code).

ALDI cares about the quality. The produce is delivered fresh daily. The prices throughout many of the ALDI stores will be the same in all stores. This will however sway with produce and dairy. Much of this is purchased locally (helping our local economy!) and this the savings is passed based on the price of the items in the area. You will find these prices are STILL much cheaper then a retail grocer.

When it comes to gluten free ALDI is aware this is a trend that is happening and they will continue to follow it and look for items that meet the demands of the customers they have.

As a grocery retailer that has grown without merger or acquisition, ALDI has more than 1,200 U.S. stores located in 32 states. Over the last several years, ALDI has added approximately 50-80 new stores each year, expanding the ability to bring grocery savings to more people every day.

ALDI also saves shoppers money by keeping stores open during prime shopping times. The newest location will be open from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday. ALDI accepts cash, debit and EBT cards. Stop in to the newly opened ALDI store and check out the special buys and the new store.



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