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Think Talk Blog is an advertising and PR friendly blog – proudly offering advertising, sponsorships, and much more.

Below is a small sampling of the types of brand promotion that is offered by me on If you have any questions or would like to pitch something that is not mentioned below, please feel free to contact me via the contact page or at Bobbie [AT] ThinkTalkBlog [DOT] com.

Sponsored Posts
If you would like for you or your brand to be represented on you may be interested in a sponsored post. A sponsored post will cover all relevant information to your brand and/or product, detailed information, photos, videos when appropriate, and so much more. The minimum word count on a sponsored post is 350 words. Often times, posts are significantly more detailed than this.

Sponsored Links
There are many posts currently available on If any of these posts fits your brand or product, feel free to contact me for pricing for inclusion of your link in a post. We will allow only 3 sponsored links per post.

Product Reviews
We are a family of 4 (5 with the dog) and would love the opportunity to review your product. Our family consists of 2 children: a 9 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. I also have nephews and god children that are younger and always willing to help out! Products that relate to children, electronics, games, entertainment, books, clothing and much more would be relevant to our family, blog, and readers. We also welcome your idea and suggestions to review other types of products and/or services.

When seeking a product review, please consider the following:

  • Full size products are requested. Please, no samples. This is to ensure the best possible review of your product.
  • Products will not be returned after we complete the review.
  • Honest reviews, in my own words, will always be given.

Host a Giveaway
We would love the opportunity to giveaway one of your products to one lucky reader. Please contact me for more details.

Traditional Advertising

Running traditional banner advertising on is available in the following formats

  • 300×250, Above the Fold: This is displayed in the sidebar, above the section “It’s All About Me.” Only one advertisement will be shown here at a time.
  • 125×125, Sidebar: These advertisements are also displayed in the sidebar however, they are not above the fold. Multiple advertisements can be displayed at one time.
  • 468×60, Footer: This advertisement is displayed at the bottom of the post area on the home page, at the bottom of the post area on the archives pages, and the bottom of individual posts. Only one advertisement will be displayed here at a time.
  • 768×90, Footer: This advertisement is shown on every page of the site, just before the links in the footer. Only one advertisement will be displayed at a time.

For website statistics or pricing of traditional advertising, please contact me.

Please keep in mind that just because multiple advertising opportunities exist does not mean that I will display ads in all areas at one time. I would prefer to keep traditional advertising to a minimum to ensure maximum exposure for my advertisers, less bombarding of my readers/fans, and to maintain the overall integrity of my blog.

Media Kit

I have a full media kit available, upon request. This media kit details website statistics, partnership and advertising opportunities, and pricing structures. Please contact me for access to my media kit.

Something Else?

This is just a small sampling of what is offered on If you would like to pitch an idea to me or are interested in my media kit, please us my contact form, or email me at Bobbie [AT] ThinkTalkBlog [DOT] com.

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