Meet Travis

Travis and I in Las Vegas in February 2011.

Travis and I in Las Vegas in February 2011.

Travis is the breadwinner in our house. He is very much a work-a-holic. He takes on projects at home on his days off and is always finding things to add to the “honey do list”. Not my list, his. He loves to work on things around the house. He works hard so the house and it’s appearance is very important to him.

Travis is very active and enjoys health and fitness. He works out every day. He’d love to be a personal trainer/nutritionist some day. At this time, it’s not workable for him to go back to school. In the mean time he enjoys hanging out in the gym and working out in our home gym. He also loves eating healthy and tries his best to include the kids and I in his healthy eating. We don’t always listen, but he tries.

Many people are intimidated by him. He’s very sarcastic and speaks sarcasm as a first language. He’s really a nice guy and very approachable, but his look and his attitude sometimes don’t portray that. He is a kind hearted sole and always helps people when they call or when they ask.

Aside from his work and his health and fitness, his children and I are his world. He would much rather lounge around the house watching movies then going out and about. He enjoys a challenge, which goes hand in hand with his desire to work on projects. He’s a busy body.

Travis is not in to technology. He doesn’t do social media. He reads my blog occasionally, however, he doesn’t do the computer or the tablet. It’s on his iPhone or not at all. When it comes to movies, actors, actresses, entertainment, he can tell you all there is to know. Ask him how to type up a word document and he won’t have a clue. His best attempt would be in notepad on his phone. He’s not interested in learning more, although he is very supportive of my blogging.

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