Meet Sparky

Sparky, Our 8 year old Cairn Terrier.

Sparky, Our 8 year old Cairn Terrier.

Sparky is our family pet. He’s very dear to each and every one of our hearts. He truly completes our family. He was the last member of the family to arrive, but he was worth the wait. He loves to snuggle and he will be your pal when you are sick or down.

Sparky is a rescue dog. We had wanted a dog for some time but I couldn’t bring myself to getting a dog from a breeder. As a child I had a poodle/terrier mutt and I really really wanted a dog like her. She was so spunky and fun and she had a personality like no other. I started my search. What I found was that the poodle/terrier mutt was a highly sought after breed and that they were selling for more then a pure bred terrier or poodle. This made me search further. I found multiple rescue groups in my area. I signed up with the types of dogs that we’d like to have (at this point it was just a terrier, any terrier). The groups I joined specialized in rescuing terriers and placing them in their forever homes. I processed all the paper work, did the home inspection and then the wait began. I was told it could be the better of 6 months. While I longed for a dog, I also am compassionate about rescue animals. Thus I waited.

Within 2 weeks I’d gotten a call. Sparky was in bad shape and needed a lot of TLC to get him on track. He was left in a foreclosed home. The neighbors last report seeing people there more then 30 days earlier. This tore at my heart. The woman from the rescue called me and said she needed immediate placement. She’d waive the adoption fees, she’d cover the first few vet visits, but she couldn’t take him home. Within our city limits, you are only allowed so many pets and if you tend to rescues the city will watch you closely. She was full and couldn’t take him home. If I couldn’t take him, he’d have to go to the shelter. I couldn’t turn my back. Within 40 minutes Sparky was in my arms. He was so scared. So frail. He was underweight, he had developed a skin rash from his nerves and biting at the skin. He was filthy. He had to be shaved down to the skin. Anyone with a Cairn Terrier knows this isn’t ideal for them. They have a shaggy coat.

Within a few weeks (and with young kids in the house) he was back up to a healthy weight. He was pampered and spoiled. He had several vet visits. We had him neutered, we dealt with his skin rash and we also found out he suffered from seizures. None of that mattered, he was part of our family.

He is very pampered and spoiled and doesn’t believe for a moment that he is a dog. He believes he is one of the kids. He enjoys riding on the boat, swimming, the outdoors and being up north as well as being in the sprinkler with the kids at home.

Edited Sunday, October 13, 2013 –

It is with very sad heart that I have to post and say that our beloved Sparky has left Earth and gained his angel wings. Sparky’s recent diagnosis with Kidney Disease on September 30, 2013, was not only sudden and unexpected, but it was progressed much further then anyone thought. He fought and we gave him everything he needed and helped him in his fight. He wasn’t going down without a fight and he didn’t. Sparky has left paw prints on our hearts that will never ever be replaced. On October 4, 2013 Sparky earned his angel wings and gave up on his fight. He was such a trooper and he truly gave it his all. Take a trip down memory lane and view some photos of our cherished and beloved Sparky. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent prayers to our family during this time. We truly appreciate it.

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