Meet Mariah

Mariah - Homecoming 2016

Mariah – Homecoming 2016

Mariah is a very active 16 year old. She was born February 13, 2001. She was a preemie and decided at 34 weeks she was ready to meet the world. She came out screaming and happy as a peach.

Mariah enjoys hanging out with her friends. She keeps a very busy schedule between work, her boyfriend’s basketball games and her friends/social life. She very much a socialite and has to have constant connection with her friends. She loves the constant busy schedule. She’s was in Cross Country, Track and Basketball during middle school, and Basketball during high school. She is an honor roll student and still attended summer school for the sports program. She’s loved by every teacher that has had her as a student.

Mariah also plays the drums. She played three years and gave up playing during school. She plays on the side, when she has time. She plays at a much higher level then other kids her age. She hears the music and she plays it. For two years in a row she was in the city’s honors band which was an amazing milestone. Of all the middle schools in the city (we have 6 middle schools that each have at least 1,500 children) there were only 10 from each grade and each school that were chosen. This was a huge deal for her and she was so very proud. So were we!

Mariah is compassionate, friendly, caring and loving. She’s very much a mother hen. She loves to help out with anything she can. She enjoys scrapbooking, but only with me. She loves all things that teens love: music, friends, crafts, sports, technology and of course her car and driving!

She’s the apple of her daddy’s eye and she has him wrapped so very tightly around her finger! She’s mom’s right hand and will always be special for so many reasons! 

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