Meet Bobbie

Me in Chicago July 2013.  This was the view from my room.

Me in Chicago July 2013.
This was the view from my room.

I am a pretty see it for what it is person. Most people that know me love me. People that don’t know me are often intimidated to approach me. I am not sure why that is, other then that I am very much a tell it like it is person. I am very friendly and outgoing and I totally welcome everyone. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a friend with all I have and love with all my heart.

I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I bleed green and gold and will forever be a Packers fan. We are referred to as Cheese Heads and Wisconsin being the dairy state it’s just fitting. I don’t mind and I am proud to be a Packer fan. If you talk to anyone that lives here, they will tell you, there is NO FAN like a Packer fan. We love our team, win or lose.

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We celebrated 12 years this last June. We’ve been together 16 years total. Together we have 2 children. Our daughter, Mariah (age 13), is a straight A honor roll student who plays basketball, cross country, track and the drums. She’s our first born and taught us so much about parenting. Our son, Alex (age 10), is a very shy and reserved child. He loves legos, blocks, trains, video games and is a mathematics wiz! He’s had a rough start in life with many medical issues. I’ve been his voice and I’ve fought for him. At age 5 he was diagnosed with ADHD. At age 9 we confirmed his diagnosis of Autism. He has a mild form of Autism, Aspergers. Despite it all, he’s doing amazing in school and working through everything with the help of some support groups and play groups.

We also have one very spoiled dog. He’s a Cairn Terrier and he is very much pampered. In fact, he truly believes he’s human and not a dog. He does everything with us including riding in the boat and swimming.My children and family are my life. I love spending time with them. Being together as a group makes me happy (yes, even despite all the disfunction).My personality is black and white. I try to be open to the opinions and feelings of others, but when there are topics I am  passionate about, I have a hard time seeing the reverse side. If I think it, I say it (or blog it).. hence the name of this blog!

The History of Blogging

I have always loved jotting down short thoughts. I have been scrapbooking for years and I loved journaling my thoughts along with the photos. In 2006 I opened One Scrappy Mom and began blogging. I started blogging to share my scrapbooking and my crafts. I loved it. I had less and less time to scrapbook as the kids got older so I started to blog. I could write my short journaling’s into post as time allowed. I started to search other blog as I came across hurdles in parenting, with medical nightmares and more. I quickly found out that blogging was a good way for me to release and let go of things that I needed to vent about. I quickly found so many amazing bloggers and people and from then on.. blogging was my joy. I took a turn in my blogging and turned it in to more of a passion and a love for working with brands.

Fun Facts About Me

Here’s a few fun facts about me:

  • I love the beach. I live right on the Bay but the water is not safe for swimming, so sadly we don’t have beaches here. I try to get away to the beach whenever I can!
  • I’m a talker. I love to share my adventures. In sharing them they always turn into short stories.
  • I love reading True Crime books. They are my favorite. My favorite author is Kathryn Casey and I have all of her books. She’s replied to me on Facebook a few times, to which the geek in me got all happy and excited!
  • I am a hopeless romantic. I believe there is a true love for everyone and I believe in happy endings!
  • Valentines Day is my favorite holiday.
  • Pink is my favorite color. Prior to having my first child I loved blue. After I had a girl, everything was pink and I took to loving the color for myself. Over half of my wardrobe is pink.

There you have it! All you ever wanted to know about me, Bobbie. I am largely an open book, so there isn’t much I won’t tell you. If you want to know, ask.. I don’t bite, unless you are coated in turtle cheesecake!

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