Meet Alex

Alex is a very very active 10 year old. He was born February 9, 2004. Unlike his sister Alex did not want to enter the world. He loved being housed snuggly inside mommy. Due to medical complications on my end he was induced at 39 weeks. Once the process started, he felt the need to make everyone work and panic. Before I could push, he kicked off my rib with the most powerful kick I’d ever felt and out he came, right in to the doctor’s arms!

Alex is very reserved and quite. He analyzes the situation and his surroundings and will make a choice once he has weighed out the situation. At age 5 Alex was diagnosed with ADHD. He is very well managed with some help from school and patience from his parents. He was medicated for a few years after many failed attempts to control his condition and get him to be able to learn and be productive in school. Last year we tried to wean him off his medicine now that he is older and is very much able to control himself better. He was on a very very small dose of medication. Since school ended for the summer, he has not been medicated. Our hope is that he will return to school this year unmedicated. We will work with his teachers and his doctor to develop a plan that works for him.

Alex is a math wizard. He is so crazy good with his math facts. He makes himself so proud that he can fly through 100 math facts (simple addition and subtraction) in one minute. He does incredibly well with math.

Alex adores playing with lego, blocks, trains, video games and iPad learning games. He loves his sister, when they aren’t fighting. He loves to be with mom. If he was given the choice I think I would still be pregnant.

There’s no bond like that of a son and his mother.

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