Our Family July 2012

This is our wonderful and spunky family of 4. We are always up for an adventure. We are always a bunch of fun together. There is a 5th member of our family, our spoiled pup, who isn’t pictured. Each of us carries unique characteristics that make our family dynamic work. We are the life of the party every where we go. We enjoy each and every day and we are better in a team then we are individually.

Think Talk Blog is a new adventure for us as we walk through our life blogging the adventures. These adventures were previously recorded online at One Scrappy Mom, where it all began in 2006. We’ve since outgrown the name and have decided to move in to something that was more fitting and fun, like us!

Without further ado, here’s the cast at Think Talk Blog:

Meet Bobbie.. The random brain and rambler behind the posts. 

Meet Travis.. The breadwinner, the humorous one of the bunch, the life of our party.

Meet Mariah.. The princess that has daddy wrapped around her finger & is mom’s salon side kick.

Meet Alex.. The reserved, shy, loveable little man that has moms heart in his hand.

Meet Sparky.. The spunky furbaby the completes the family & brings us all kinds of laughs.


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