A Mac Girl In a Windows World

I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for round two years now. I had tried Mac once before that and I could not manage. I was so lost that I sent it back and admitted defeat. I would forever be a Windows girl. After a long talk with a tech friend I learned that I could run Windows on my MacBook. Okay, I was down to try the switch one more time. This time I was much happier. All the programs I’d learned through the years on the platform that I had learned them on. It wasn’t long before my MacBook slowed down and wasn’t running as snappy as it was when I first got it. Maybe the hype about Apple and Mac wasn’t really all that it was cracked up to be. So I had a little chat with my tech friend and a few others and they told me I really needed to give the Apple OS a fair shot. So with that I removed the dual boot from my MacBook and dove in. Within a few weeks I was moving around the operating system pretty well. I fell in love and my MacBook was much more snappy without the dual boot. There was no one that was going to convince me to go back to Windows. My husband was still a windows guy and waited FOREVER to replace his Windows XP laptop because the Windows 7 and now Windows 8 were do very intimidating. It was too much fluff. As much as they tried to make it look simpler it really was a fail in my opinion. It was harder to navigate.

apple vs windows

I am a BIG time creature of habit. I don’t like change. I never have and never will. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen or that I don’t have to accept it. I know better. I have spent quite enough years here on Earth to know that change is always going to happen and you DO have to just roll with it.

We fast forward this to last week. I was working on my MacBook and I had JUST unplugged it from the outlet.. within 5 minutes I had a low battery and it was starting the shut down process. Oh. My. Freak. Out. I am a blogger. What am I going to do without a computer? Sure I have a tablet.. 2 of them in the house, but an 8″ screen is not going to do a whole lot for me! Reading on them is one thing.. Doing everything else including photo edits, blogging, shopping, you know.. all the other stuff, is a whole other game. Don’t get me wrong, I do use my tablet when I travel and I am able to function well with it, but otherwise I’ll take my full size MacBook Pro please. As the days went on the MacBook was getting sicker and sicker. The backlight keyboard was on and then off and then on and off. If you tipped or turned it that would change the keyboard lighting and the display brightness. Regardless there was NO using it without having a power outlet and the plug right there. I knew things weren’t good, but the other night it gave up on my all together. It shut off completely, even while plugged in. I was devastated. This MacBook has been so faithful to me and has always ran super smooth.

Hubby works with a guy who is going to try and fix it. It appears fixable and I do have a complete back up of the machine on an external hard drive. In the meantime this Mac girl is living in a Windows world.. and it’s not very pretty! I’m lost. Windows 8 is not friendly to me. I don’t like tiles. I’m lost. I’m confused. I’m ready to get the MacBook back and pretend it never happened. I suppose this is one of those times in life where we just have to roll with things and we really have to accept these changes (even though this is a HUGE temporary change). I do have to admit, this laptop (which is not a netbook) is slightly thinner then my MacBook Pro and it’s a bit lighter too. These are benefits and I’m grabbing for any straw that I can, anything that will soothe me until I am back on my beloved Apple OS again. To those of you that flawlessly go back and forth.. KUDOS! I could never do this on a daily basis. I cannot even figure out the right commands for copy/paste. My poor brain might overload and fry out before this whole thing is said and done. I guess this is why people have a desktop (iMac) and a laptop (MacBook, Air or Pro).  Hopefully there won’t be too much of an overload before this is all over!

Come back to me my precious MacBook Pro.. We ARE ment to make pretty pictures and lots of wonderful blog posts together!


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