1 Year Ago Today.. The Anniversary

seatbelt1 year ago today, was the day my life (and my family’s lives) were forever changed. If you aren’t aware, you can read more about the accident (the first news broke, a surgery update, another risky surgery and dealing with the public) and this post will make more sense.

I have been asked so many times if I would be acknowledging this day. I’ve thought about it many times as a matter of fact. I have read on multiple sites and forums that this type of anniversary can be both good and bad to acknowledge. That didn’t add to my already conflicted brain on if I should or should not acknowledge the day. In the end, I’ve decided that I will.. at least this year.

Here’s the thing. I’ve overcome SO much this year. I would be lying if I said that not only did this accident, but the rehab, the living changes and the life changes effect me, my life and my choices. It’s forever effected the way that I l look at life and the way that I do things today. I’ve overcome so much! Truthfully, I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that I am a stronger person now then I was a year ago. I never doubted for a moment that I was strong, but until you are put to the test you really have no idea what the word strong means to you. I would never imagined that I would ever be telling this story. I never imagined that my story would touch so many people (hello all of my fellow bloggers, companies, friends, family, readers & doctors). I never thought I’d be that girl who was over run with such a tragedy that I’d be preaching to people to buckle their seat belts.

I’ve went from this happy go lucky, charismatic girl without a worry in the world, to complete devastation as I clung to life in ICU on machines that were helping me breath and helping to give me that strength that no longer was inside me anymore, to this women writing this today saying that against all odds and against hope that I’m lucky enough to be here to tell my story.

I don’t like dragging things out and I certainly don’t think anyone should feel sorry for me or feel that I shouldn’t be the one to deal with this. The facts are the facts and as a GROWN adult I should have known better then to be riding in a vehicle, on the highway at that, without my seatbelt. This is the simple ONE thing that I regret ever single day. Would my life be easier if I hadn’t had this accident? Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt. Does life have more meaning now that I’ve been through all of this? Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt!

I will never again look at a situation the way I have looked at that day. I will never again make an irrational decision that would affect my entire family. I will celebrate this anniversary today. This is not an anniversary that is marked with joy and happiness, but an anniversary that is marked with strength, struggles, triumphs, love, compassion and determination. This day marks the end of the old chapter and the beginning of the new chapter.

I’ve overcome so much. I’ve fought so hard. I’ve dealt with everything on my plate and while I am still struggling to see that silver lining in it all, I am truly thankful that I am given a second chance. This time I will do things so much differently.

1 year ago today.. a milestone that will never be forgotten!

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